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This beautiful rural Cemetery is located in Northwest Harris County and sits 500' off Holderrieth Rd.  It is named after its late owner: Princess Pat Bridwell’s mother, Carmen Nelson Bostick.  The Cemetery is a dedicated Historic Texas Landmark. The first burial dates back to 1844.  Magnificent Pine and Oak trees over 100 years old add to the sense of peace and calm one feels on the Cemetery grounds.  It is like stepping out of the everyday rush and into a sacred place of refuge.  You might see a red fox, deer or a squirrel scamper across the lawns.  The unspoiled nature of the Cemetery brings a sense of peace and joy to visitors.  In one garden, flowers surround the 1880 antique wrought iron fence. Wind chimes tingle as the wind blows softly, inspiring awe at what God created.  At sunrise birds flock to the feeders and birdbaths.  The sound of their chirping provides a pleasant start to the day.  The Gardens are named from the Books of the Bible, although we are open to all denominations and faiths.  In the Springtime, white and pink Dogwood trees will be planted. We have reasonable plot prices because we are a family business and we care that folks can afford to have their loved ones Rest In Peace.  This Cemetery, where you can feel love abound, was voted a “Top 10 Touring Texas Site” by THAT! TEXAS MAGAZINE.  

History of the Cemetery

A Frenchman, Claude Nicholas Pillot settled along Willow Creek in what is today Northwest Harris County in 1837.  The Pillots became well-established throughout Harris County, engaging in building, lumber, grocery and other trades. Records indicate the first burial in the Pillot Family section was August Pillot. He died on September 25, 1844. A 20' solid Granite monument was erected in memory of Joseph E. Pillot over 100 years ago.  The Pillot Family section has a Historic Texas Landmark Marker and is surrounded by an antique wrought iron fence. The last Pillot family burial was Jullia Sellers in 1932.  The Nelsons were friends and business partners of the Pillots. The first Nelson Burial was D.B. Nelson in February 15, 1922.  D.B. Nelson was a fiery Church of Christ preacher and was known to hold revivals in the area near the Cemetery.  His son B. F. Nelson died in an auto accident November 11, 1937.  B. F. Nelson was a prominent businessman involved in lumber and the booming oil and gas industry.  A number of other family members' burials followed until present day.  The Cemetery's late owner Mrs. Princess Pat Nelson-Bridwell had fond memories of family outings to maintain the grounds when she was a child. The Cemetery is dedicated to her mother Carmen Nelson Bostick who was buried next to her parents in December 07, 1997.  The Cemetery was overgrown and in poor condition at her mother’s death and Mrs. Bridwell dedicated the years since to restoring and maintaining the Cemetery which is part of her Texas heritage. The Cemetery was dedicated as a Historic Texas Landmark and a Marker was installed on the property.  Three Confederate soldiers are buried in the Cemetery:  J.C. Sellers, who died November 7, 1923,  James Vernon, who died February 24, 1921 and George W. Baker, who died August 15, 1879.  Improvements are ongoing. Features have been added, trees and grounds pruned and maintained, headstones reset and cleaned, date markers installed, Historic signs and marker installed.  Mrs. Bridwell passed away on February 27th, 2013 at her home after a very short, aggressive battle with lung cancer. Her eldest son: Jim Pinkston has stepped in to continue his mother's dream of helping people afford to bury their loved ones. 


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