Frequently Asked Questions


Does this Cemetery offer a "green burial"?

Yes.  Please speak with our staff as well as the funeral home that will be involved in the burial process.

What is a "green burial"?

A "green burial" does not include outer burial container and may incorporate an "earth friendly" biodegradable casket.  Funeral homes may or may not use chemical preservatives or disinfectants as embalming fluids for the deceased.

What hours is the Cemetery open?

For visitation purposes - "Dawn to Dusk". For burial arrangements, appointment scheduling, etc. you may contact us after hours.

What may I leave on my loved one's gravesite?

Flowers and other expressions of love & respect.  Items should not detract from the Grounds' tidy, neat, professional & operating appearance, nor prohibit staff from maintaining landscaping & conditioning. Alcohol, drugs & litter are strictly prohibited on the premises.

Who pays for ongoing cemetery & grave management?

A portion of your plot price is diverted into our cemetery's Trust Fund to cover this ongoing expense.

Am I required to purchase an outer burial container?

No. In the State of Texas an outer burial container is not required. Some cemeteries require them. Our cemetery does not. However, you are welcome to purchase from our stock if you prefer this for your loved one's casket protection.  However, a headstone is required. We are happy to assist you in selecting, designing and acquiring one for your loved one's gravesite.